Playground improvements

Playground Improvements 2016

Much of the playground equipment behind Freshford Memorial Hall is nearing the end of its safe life. A timber playhouse was removed last year due to rot, and there is extensive corrosion present on the slide and swing frames. The Memorial Hall trustees who are responsible for the maintenance of the playground have worked with other members of the community to design and cost a proposal for a new enhanced playspace behind the Hall. Using the Freshford Bulletin, Freshford and Limpley Stoke email group, Freshford School Parentmail, Freshford Pre-school email group and the Freshford, Limpley Stoke and Hinton Charterhouse Parish Magazine we have invited all members of the community to provide their ideas for new play equipment and we have tried to accommodate as many suggestions as possible within the constraints of space and budget. It is also important to maintain a large area of green space on the playing field as it is used for Freshford Primary School sports, as well as the village Fete. 

The proposed new design can be viewed here. The Half-Brigg ship incorporates a scamble net, rope ladder, stainless steel slide, raised platform and ship's wheel. The Spiders Web climber is designed as a more challenging piece of play equipment for children age 7 plus. The proposal also incorporates two new swing frames, one with flat seats, and one with toddler seats, a see-saw, a rolling log, a vertical rope weaver, 2 x 12 foot by 6 foot football goals (not shown on the plan) and an additional litter bin. The proposal incorporates some of the existing equipment which was installed in 2009, and will be retained. The proposal also incorporates significant improvements to the entrance area of the playing field which normally becomes excessively muddy and slippery each winter. The trustees are proposing to provide a hard weather-proof surface for pedestrians, as well as good access for grass cutting vehicles and any emergency vehicles if needed. The low boundary fence bordering the existing playground will be removed on the two sides not adjoining the Pre-school garden.

We are fortunate that £15931.50 of funding is available for enhancements to the formal green space from Bath and NE Somerset Council through Section 106 funding allocated through the Pipehouse Nursery development within the Parish of Freshford. Additional grant funding of approximately £4000 will be sought from other sources, to cover the full cost of the improvements. 

Claudia Towner,
Mar 11, 2016, 2:45 PM