Here are some questions that people frequently ask about hiring the village hall. If you question is not answered here, please contact the booking secretary.

How big is the main hall?

The main hall is approximately 16m long by 8m wide.

Does the hall have WiFi Internet?

Yes it does. The password is displayed on notices at the hall.

Can I sell alcohol at the Hall?

Yes, but you need to apply for a Temporary Event Notice (TENs) from Bath and NE Somerset Council. This costs £21 and can be applied for online at at least 10 full working days before the event. You must also notify the Hall Booking Secretary that you will be applying for a TENs because the Hall has a limit of 15 TENs per year as a venue.

Can I use a bouncy castle on the playing field?

Yes, if you are hiring the whole hall for an event, you can also place a bouncy castle on the field behind the hall. The hall has its own RCD protected power cables which can be run from the hall to provide power if required.

Are external power points available (e.g., for hog roast or outside catering equipment)?

The hall provides RCD protected power cables which can be used to provide power to locations around the outside of the hall.

Can I roller-skate in the hall?

No. Plasterboard walls and low-level windows mean that the hall is not a suitable venue for roller skating.

Can I hire the Hall for a boxing or wrestling event?

No. Due to concerns about safety and liability, the Hall cannot be hired for boxing or wrestling events. 

Can I put a marquee on the playing field?

If you are hiring the whole hall for a weekend then you may put a marquee on the field. However, care must be taken not to cause a nuisance to nearby neighbours, and all external noise must stop by 11pm. We recommend that if a marquee is used it should be for day-time events, with the main hall being used for evening events. Hall hirers will not have exclusive access to the field so when a marquee is put on the field then the playground and remainder of the field must still be accessible to the general public.  No vehicles are allowed on the playing field, except those that are essential for set-up.

Can the playing field be used for parking vehicles during events?

No. Vehicles are only allowed on the playing field where essential for setting up or taking down an event.

Can we access the hall outside the booked hours to setup or clear away?

No. If your event requires time to setup before the event or clear away after the event then those hours must be included and paid for as part of your booking.

Must I clean up after an event?

The hall must be as clean and tidy after your event as when you arrived, and you should include time in your booking to allow for this. A range of mops and brooms are available to use. Alternatively, subject to availability you may pay for professional cleaners to come in after your event to clean for you.

Can I hire the hall for 18th or 21st birthday parties?

Yes you can, but additional restrictions apply. Please see our Terms and Conditions for full details.

I'm running a charity event. Can the hall be hired for free or at a reduced rate?

No. Many of our users are also charities and we strive to keep our hire charges as low as we can to encourage use by all members of the community so we charge the same rates to all users.

Will I have exclusive access to the hall's facilities during my event?

Only if you opt to hire the whole hall. If you are only hiring one room (e.g., the Small Hall) then the other room may be hired out to another group and you will need to share the foyer, kitchen, toilets, car park, and so on.

Is the hall wheel-chair accessible?

The main entrance to the hall is via steps but there is ramped access through another door into the main hall. Inside the hall it is all single-level with no internal steps. There is a wheel-chair accessible toilet at the adjacent Galleries Shop which is available at all hours using a Radar key.

Are step ladders available in the Hall to mount decorations?

Yes. The Hall has a range of step ladders stored by the steps onto the stage, and in the gents toilets. The ladders include a very tall ladder to reach the ceiling in the main hall. Decorations should be mounted using masking tape, so you do not damage the paintwork. 

Can I borrow Hall tables, chairs, gazebos, urns, crockery etc for events at other locations?

Yes, if they are not required for another event taking place in the Hall at the same time. There is normally a small charge. Please check with the Booking Secretary. 

Does the Hall have a licence for wedding ceremonies?

No. The Hall does not have a licence for wedding ceremonies to take place in the building. However, you are welcome to book the Hall for your reception.